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Septic Pumping Service San Antonio, Floresville & La Vernia

It is recommended to service septic tanks (1,500 gallons) every 4-5 years, or more frequent based on use.  Homes with more restrooms and people, should pump their septic before a problem arises.  Let us help you with a schedule that works for you.  We are prompt, professional and reliable.  

We offer septic service in Floresville, La Vernia and San Antonio.

Licensed with TCEQ and SAWS, we are ready to serve our customers. 

About Septic Pumping & Cleaning

According to the EPA, a septic system is an underground wastewater structure.  Most commonly found in rural areas or areas without a centralized sewer system. 

In order for your septic to perform and to prevent failure in the future, it's best to have your septic systems serviced every 3-4 years.  By regularly servicing your system, you can avoid costly backup and service interruptions. 

Our process is simple, we arrive promptly at our scheduled service time.  We locate the septic system and begin work.  The process to get to the tank may take a few minutes to an hour.  This is all dependent of where it was installed and how long it's been in use. 

We then begin the septic clean out process.  Most 1,200 gallon septic systems are complete in under 45 minutes.  Larger units may require 2 evacuations, which may take up to 2 hours, depending on location and travel time to the Waste Water Treatment Plant. 

What are the signs of possible failure:

- backup from drains into the home (most obvious)

- bright green, damp grass around the tank area during dry seasons

- pooling of water around the tank area

- strong smell or odor coming from the tank site

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